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Best Twitter Accounts to Learn About Employment Job Platform

Go-To Resources About Employment Job Platform

we can now print out or save somewhere  else if we choose so let’s go back to  his main preview screen we’re going to  close that out so this is great if you  only need to see the last three pay  stubs but what if you need to go further  back than that well again.

employment job platform

We come back  to this three dot Employment Job Platform area right up here and  we click on that now this employee is a  demo come demo employee so I just want  you to know that up front so We don’t  have any check dates any any check dates  in  for them but if we go down to  , fortune you can see this one if we  had history on this employee it would  show those check dates listed  chronologically in order right down here.

The system for you believe the  Employment Job Platform system carries  years worth of payroll  history so you can go back  years to  look at pay stubs if we have them in the  system for you okay so the next section  that.

We want to kind of get into is Employment Job Platform the  resources section right here and again  this is resources that your employer has  one wants to put out for your HR person  on your payroll person want you to have  access to and the base one that on.